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Direct Therapy

Direct therapy refers to 1:1 ABA Therapy in which the child and a trained therapist  (Registered Behavior Technician) work together to learn new skills in many different areas such as self-advocacy, functional communication, emotional regulation, safety, independent living, schools skills, and much more.


We are currently completely booked and have a significant waitlist.


*ABA direct therapy is not the same as counseling.

Parent Training

The behavior analyst (BCBA) and the parents/caregivers work together to learn more about how to increase the child's independence and confidence as well as how to best support the child through accommodations, prioritization, understanding/awareness, modeling, and more. The BCBA also is available to schedule times for the parents to observe sessions through a one-way mirror, virtually (Per insurance permission), or side-by-side with the child and BCBA. Parent training can also be informal, simply as needed per parent request. We are happy to work on what YOU need at the moment. Parents' priorities are our priorities!

School Consulting

The behavior analyst works in schools to observe, conduct a Functional Behavior Assessment, write a Behavior Intervention Plan that is teacher-friendly and easy to understand, train school staff, and do integrity checks. The BCBA also is easy-to-reach when questions, advice, or problem-solving is needed following the implementation of the BIP.

We currently are completely booked and do not have openings for school consulting. We appreciate all of the inquiries, but until we get more BCBAs, we are at our limit!

School staff training on ABA strategies is also available! Contact for more information!

Community Education/Training

The BCBAs are open to working within the community for the purposes of educating, spreading awareness and understanding, offering support for parents/families that do not yet have services or are in need of extra support, sharing at conferences/ with classes/ to businesses that are looking to be more inclusive and support those with specific needs, working with First Responders, and more upon request. In order to inquire about having the BCBA speak at an event, please email the office at

Applied Behavior Analysis.
neurodiversity affirming. connection focused. trauma informed. compassion over compliance. play-based learning. we honor communication, teach self-advocacy, and promote autonomy.
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